Angle Pro Sharpener

The Angle Pro Sharpener was conceived and designed by Phil McMahon, a 20 year veteran of the knife industry, who has design three major knife brands including Rhineland Cutlery and EasySlice. While working with restaurant owners and the food service industry, McMahon has become an expert on sharpening knives.

When it comes to sharpening, angle is everything. The blade angle of a knife varies from 13º to 21º but your knife sharpener is set to one fixed angle. If your sharpener is set to 21º and your blade is 13º, your sharpener is just not going to work. The patent-pending Angle Gauge solves this problem by easily and accurately measuring your blade angle. Once you know your blade angle, you can use the appropriate sharpening wheel to put a perfect edge on your knife.