Frequently asked questions

Why does the angle pro sharpener produce a better edge than any other sharpener ?

Angle Pro Sharpener is the only sharpener in the world with an angle gauge (that allows you to find the correct angle your knife blade is set at) and corresponding wheels and rods to hone, sharpener or put a new edge on your knife. Every other sharpener is at a fixed angle.

When should I hone, sharpen or re-edge my knife?

Always start with the honing wheels. The reason for that is the honing wheels do not take any metal off your blade.

Is the Angle Pro Sharpener good for sharpening expensive knives?

Yes, it’s the best sharpener for expensive knives, it’s the only sharpener that allows you to first find the correct blade angle (with its patent pending angle gauge) then use the corresponding wheels to hone, sharpen or reedge your blade at the original set angle…

How often should I use my Angle Pro Sharpener?

You can use it as often as you like, we recommend to use it anytime your knife blade is giving you resistance while cutting.

How do I use the Angle Gauge?

Always start at 21 degrees, put the knife straight up against the non-angled side, let the knife gently drop in the V cup, if the blade goes down into the whole, move to the smaller angle until the blade meets resistance without going into the whole…

How many times should I run my knife through the sharpening wheels?

The ceramic wheels which are your honing wheels you want to pull the knife through 10 times, the diamond coated wheels you want to pull it through 5-7 times, the tungsten rods you want to pull it through 3-5 times…

Can I sharpen pocket knives and/or hunting knives with the Angle Pro Sharpener?

Yes the only thing you may have to do with the smaller knives is pull off the outer tray.

Can I sharpen a serrated knife?


Can I change the angle of my knife using the Angle Pro Sharpener?

NO, it will take off a layer of metal at the angle the knife blade is currently set at.

Can I sharpen a single sided blade?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO.