Matthew M


I love it, perfect for every knife, very easy to use and they have excellent customer service.


Tony G

Happy Valley, FL 

Just received my new sharpener and it's a beauty. Sharpend a couple of my knives and they turned out super sharp. I wish complete success for you and all involved with this wonderful product. I am going to tell some of my friends about it.


Jane Green

Melbourne, Florida

Love my sharpener, read about it in the Florida today and was happy to support a local business as well! All of my knives are sharp and feel brand new!


Chris O

Sedalia, MO 

I got mine yesterday. Works as advertised! Sharpened all my kitchen knives in just a few minutes!


Scott C

Fernandina Beach, FL

Great product, got it yesterday and have sharpened all of my knives.


Reese R

Pasco, Washington

This is awesome!




Got mine. Works well! Some of my pocket knives, the blade goes right to the hilt and so I can't get the entire blade near the hilt sharpened when I have the covers on the wheels. But I was able to get it done by removing the plastic cover and making sure I hold the blade perpendicular to the sharpener base. Nice and quick sharpen. Love the idea that I can sharpen the blades more in line with their original angles. Thanks!


Traci O

Melbourne, Florida

Great Product! Also a great gift. Love mine❤


Michael A


Got mine today and VERY happy with it! Thank you!

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